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Kiss X Sis (2010) - Episode 2


Ako decides to help Keita study in order to improve his chance of passing, though both have a little trouble staying focused on the matter at hand. Ako shows Keita her chest in order to encourage him to study, but this backfires when her chest ends up being all Keita can think about in class. Ako decides to try an alternative study method and starts writing the notes on her body. Despite embarrassing himself in school, he fares better on the tests. However, when Keita likens a kiss from Ako to a penalty game, Ako gets mad and corners him, eventually tricking him into a wrong answer so he has to take the penalty kiss. They press on, but are interrupted by Riko, who has been learning how to prepare food and made a snack for Keita, though it turns out to be terribly inedible. In the end, Keita manages to improve his grade, if only slightly, and he gives all the credit to Ako, whom he thanks, while Riko watches jealously.


  • A Lesson Just for Two
  • 二人きりのレッスン
  • Futarikiri no Lesson

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