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Kiss X Sis (2010) - Episode 12


After Keita's graduation, Ako and Riko arrive to find they were too late to get the second, much less any of the buttons, off of Keita's blazer. (The 2nd button on male uniform is over the heart and is supposed to be given to the girl he loves to confess his feelings). They decide, against Keita's will, to hold a draw for consolation prizes from Keita, with Ako, Riko, Mikazuki and Miharu as participants. The girls all write down their wishes which are then randomly drawn. Ako's plan backfires and she ends up getting Keita's shirt collar. Mikazuki wins the opportunity for Keita to flip her skirt, though he is unaware that she isn't wearing any underwear. Riko wins a chance to kiss Keita in front of everyone, but is too embarrassed to do so. Miharu gets the remaining prize; to spend five minutes alone with Keita in the equipment room and allowed to do anything. Keita simply uses the time to thank Miharu, but after a slip up, they end up in a compromising position, leading Ako and Riko to assume the worst. Later that night while Keita sleeps, Ako and Riko make a move on him, though this just gives Keita weird dreams. As he unconsciously grabs his jacket, the button he had been saving for them falls out, and they decide to leave him alone for the night. As the new semester starts, Keita walks to high school hand in hand with Ako and Riko. Keita is welcomed by Juniors on his first day. Keita's Classmates also meet him.They start to rush in front of his sisters due to admiration. Miharu also feels embarrassed while Keita watches her. His homeroom teacher Yuzuki Kiryu enters the class and feels angry for Ako, Riko and Mikazuki in his class. She throws them out. Ako and Riko happily take Keita home after School. At home Suminoe Family enjoys dinner. The remaining Part shows The siblings being kids now growing up as teenagers. Ako and Riko have a Final kiss with Keita and story ends.


  • One, Two`s, Threesome!
  • いち, にの, 3P!
  • Ichi, Ni no, 3P!

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