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Kiss X Sis (2010) - Episode 11


Keita eagerly awaits the results of his exams, with Ako and Riko trying to wish him good luck, though they encounter several unlucky omens along the way to school. When they get to the notice boards, Keita's number isn't listed and the trio become depressed. However, Yūzuki shows up after they leave to put up a few more numbers on the board, including Keita's. After noticing the celebratory preparations that Ako and Riko prepared, Keita cheers up and decides it's best not to waste it. Later that evening, Keita is visited by Miharu, whose dog had picked up Keita's mail containing his results from his mailbox. After reading them, Keita learns that he had in fact passed the exams, and hugs Miharu in his excitement. After Miharu is scared off by Ako and Riko, Keita tells them the good news.


  • Nitpicking a Good Day!
  • いい日, ダメ出し!
  • Ii Hi, Damedashi!

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