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Kiss X Sis (2010) - Episode 9


As Keita tries to study, Ako and Riko compete with each other to be the most helpful. While alone in the room, Riko and Keita end up engaging in 'footplay' under the kotatsu until Ako catches on. While investigating good luck charms to help Keita with his studies, Ako and Riko learn of one that is made using pubic hair. After much deliberation, the sisters pluck their own hairs to make the charm and give it to Keita, convincing him not to look inside. Keita takes it to school with him, though, and Ako and Riko are understandably embarrassed.


  • When Times are Tough, Pray to the Gods
  • 苦しい時は神頼み
  • Kurushii Toki wa Kamidanomi

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