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Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito - Episode 1


2017 a.t.b. (Revolutionary Year 228), the war between Euro Britannia and the European Union (E.U.) continues. At a disadvantage, the E.U. army founded a special team consisting of Elevens—exiled Japanese who had their country occupied by Britannia—known as the W-0 Unit; one of these Elevens, Akito Hyuga, fights with great agility and savagely executes the enemy while apparently under the power of Geass. Elsewhere, Military Advisor Julius Kingsley and Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi are traveling by train to St. Petersburg.


  • The Wyvern Arrives
  • 翼竜は舞い降りた
  • L`Avènement de la Wyverne
  • Yokuryuu wa Maiorita

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