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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Episode 18


Suzaku is appointed to be the princess’ royal knight, leaving Lelouch to struggle with the decision of what to do about him. He wants Suzaku on his side, but will using the Geass on another loved one be the choice he has to make?


  • I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi
  • 枢木 スザク に 命じる
  • Un ordre pour Kururugi Suzaku
  • Suzaku Kururugi wird befohlen
  • Un ordine per Suzaku Kururugi
  • Įsakymas Kururugi Suzaku
  • Uma ordem para Kururugi Suzaku
  • Kururugi Suzaku ni Meijiru

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