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Ninin ga Shinobuden: The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction - Episode 8


First, Kaede's school is having a festival, complete with a haunted house! Perhaps Shinobu would make a good addition, but what costume would be the best? A cat-girl? An erotic imp? Then, Shinobu's got a new pet - a cute and cuddly 15-foot tall monster plant! With ninjas, butterflies, and cats going missing, all fingers are pointing towards Shinobu's hulking piece of "cuddly" vegetation. But it couldn't possibly be responsible! Could it?


  • Shinobu in Disguise / A Monster Plant Goes Crazy
  • 忍, 化けるの巻 / 怪植物, 暴れるの巻
  • Shinobu se déguise / La plante monstre devient dingue
  • I. Shinobu Disfarçada! / II. Uma Planta Monstro Ficando Selvagem!
  • Shinobu, Bakeru no Maki / Kaishokubutsu, Abareru no Maki

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