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Ninin ga Shinobuden: The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction - Episode 7


First, the ball of steel finds himself literally stuck to his arch-nemesis, Miyabi! With Onsokumaru melded to her clothes, the gang is in search of a way to detach him, but it's starting to look like the only way may be... a Miyabi strip show?! Then, when the men want to play baseball, the girls need to their take sissy games someplace else! At least, that's how Onsokumaru feels, but it lands him in hot water with Kaede and Shinobu. It looks like the only way to settle this little dispute is with a baseball match! Girls versus boys!


  • Onsokumaru Is Stuck / Shinobu Plays Ball
  • 音速丸, くっつくの巻 / 忍, プレイボーるの巻
  • Onsokumaru est coincé / Shinobu joue à fond
  • I. Onsokumaru Fica Preso! / II. Shinobu, Joga Bola...!
  • Onsokumaru, Kuttsuku no Maki / Shinobu, Playball no Maki

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