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Ninin ga Shinobuden: The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction - Episode 6


First, a typhoon is coming! With Shinobu stuck at Kaede's house, the ninja manor turns into a terrible sausage fest! Witness Onsokumaru's darkest hour! Then, when Onsokumaru lends his wisdom to a mushroom picking expedition, the ninjas are in for a magical ride! Especially when their tasty treats end up being poisonous and hallucinogenic!


  • A Typhoon Arrives / The Ninjas Go Mushroom Picking
  • 台風がきたの巻 / 忍者, きのこ狩るの巻
  • Le typhon arrive / La cueillette des champignons
  • I. O Furacão Está Aqui! / II. Ninja, Na Caçada Aos Cogumelos!
  • Taifuu ga Kita no Maki / Ninja, Kinoko Karu no Maki

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