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Ninin ga Shinobuden: The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction - Episode 4


First, rising temperatures provide a perfect opportunity for Onsokumaru to get Shinobu and Kaede into in their swimsuits - and hopefully into a lusty embrace as well! Then, Miyabi's got a crush! Will the Ninja Pharmaceutical Group's special love potion help things along? And what effect could this have on the Miyabi Fan Club?


  • Ninjas Hate the Heat / Miyabi in Love
  • 忍者, 暑がるの巻 / 雅, 恋をするの巻
  • Le ninja déteste la chaleur / Miyabi est amoureuse
  • I. Ninja, Está Quente! / II. Miyabi Se Apaixona!
  • Ninja, Atsugaru no Maki / Miyabi, Koi o Suru no Maki

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