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Ninin ga Shinobuden: The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction - Episode 3


First, Shinobu's little sister, Miyabi, is a total brat! Onsokumaru decides it's time for a little one-on-one... just her, him, and his crocodile power-suit! Shinobu's then kicked out of the manor! Maybe Kaede's family would be interested in adopting a ninja into their family... Sister-sister bath time?


  • Onsokumaru Gets Angry / Shinobu Leaves the Manor
  • 音速丸, 怒るの巻 / 忍, 家を出るの巻
  • Onsokumaru se fâche / Shinobu quitte le manoir
  • I. Onsokumaru Está Furioso! / II. Shinobu Foge!
  • Onsokumaru, Okoru no Maki / Shinobu, Ie o Deru no Maki

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