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Ninin ga Shinobuden: The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction - Episode 2


First, rainy weather drives bored ninjas into looking for the Loch Ness Monster in their pond... only to find an Onsokumaru-eating crocodile instead! Then, girl-girl dating?! Can this be allowed?! Ninja-master Onsokumaru and masked-nobleman Sasuke decide to keep a close eye on this spectacle of nature!


  • Ninjas Elated over Cherry Blossom Viewing / Shinobu Goes On a Date with Kaede
  • 忍者, 花見で浮かれるの巻 / 忍, 楓とデートするの巻
  • Ninjas sous le charme des cerisiers / Shinobu a un rencard avec Kaede
  • I. Ninja, Desfrutando Uma Festa De Flor De Cereja! / II. Shinobu Em Um Encontro Com Kaede!
  • Ninja, Hanami de Ukareru no Maki / Shinobu, Kaede to Date Suru no Maki

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