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Ninin ga Shinobuden: The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction - Episode 11


First, the real star of Ninja Nonsense finally gets his own episode! Expect more explosions, more naked girls, and more full-throttle Sasuke action! So good, you'll need to watch it a second time! Then, the ninjas are putting on a play of the "Grateful Crane" story! But how did that go again? Onsokumaru does his best to recall the classic fairy tale... but was the story meant to be twisted and perverted?


  • The Legend of Sasuke Begins / The Grateful Ninja
  • サスケ伝, 始まるの巻 / 忍者, 恩返しするの巻
  • La légende de Sasuke / Le ninja reconnaissant
  • I. Começa O Sasukeden! / II. Ninja, Retribuindo Um Favor!
  • Sasukeden, Hajimaru no Maki / Ninja, Ongaeshi Suru no Maki

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