AKB0048 Next Stage


"Stellar Calendar Year 0048
Mankind has colonized space, and entertainment has been banned. The young girls sing radiantly, to bring love to the hearts of the people." — from intro

The exceptionally talented understudies of the 77th audition have become an integral part of AKB0048, with both Chieri and Nagisa showing potential to become the new Centre Nova (group member taking centre stage), a role that has been banned ever since the disappearance of the last Centre Nova Acchan.

Kanzaki Suzuko, also a 77th, never wanting to become a Successor, is still wondering what happened to all the previous Centre Novae, trying to find out who the mysterious Sensei-sensei actually is that writes all their songs and controls the fate of the group. Questions no member of AKB0048 is supposed to ask.

If that was not enough, the general manager Katagiri Tsubasa not only reintroduces the role of Centre Nova again, but also the General Elections where the fans decide who is most popular, to become a Successor.

Episodes 13

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