Tenshi na Konamaiki


Amatsuka Megumi, an attractive tomboy, actually used to be a boy — that was six years ago at the age of nine...

Back then Megumi encountered a magician near the river bank, initially intent on clobbering the old man with his toy sword, he ends up protecting him from several hoodlums, much to Hanakain Miki's dismay, who despises any form of fighting. The old man indulges Megumi's outright request for a reward, and gives him a mysterious, supposedly magic book. After getting into another fight, a drop of Megumi's blood spills on the strange book, accidentally summoning a small demon who offers to grant one wish. Without hesitation Megumi wishes for:

"I want to be number one in the world. A real man! A man inside a man, please!"

The wish is instantly granted, but the demon misunderstands, instead of becoming more manly, Megumi is turned into a girl. The demon cannot undo the wish, though, pointing out that the wish will only last for ten years. Enraged Megumi throws the book and the demon into the river. From then on no one other than Miki remembers that Megumi was ever anything other than a girl. Megumi has been searching for the magic book and the old man ever since, in the hopes of changing back.

Now in high school, adored by every boy and admired by most girls in class, Megumi still has a hard time coping with his feminine side, much to Miki's exasperation, who has been trying to coach Megumi to become more lady-like. Megumi may well have to accept his fate of living in a woman's body... or does she?

Episodes 50

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