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Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san - Episode 2


Sumire is going to have her hair styled in the traditional maiko bun for the first time. She will start using a special pillow to protect her hairstyle while she sleeps, like the other maiko and senior apprentices with buns. The senior maiko warn her she won't be able to sleep the first night, and Sumire struggles to rest her head on the unfamiliar pillow. She finally gives up on sleep and goes to the kitchen, where she unexpectedly finds Kiyo waiting up for her.


  • For Sleepless Nights / Some Things Will Always Be / Snowy Day Reminiscence
  • 眠れない夜のために / ずっと決まっているもの / 同じ雪を見ている
  • Nemurenai Yoru no Tame ni / Zutto Kimatte Iru Mono / Onaji Yuki o Mite Iru

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