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Astarotte no Omocha! - Episode 4


Lotte's school announces they are going to hold a parent-teacher party. Asuha hands the invitation to Naoya happily telling him to come no matter what, but Lotte has a depressed look on her face. Her father has passed away, and her mother, Mercelída the Queen, doesn't seem as if she'll be able to make it to the party, as she's really busy with her work. Asuha tells Lotte to deliver the invitation in person, and Lotte broods over the idea, but eventually works up the courage to go Mercelída castle the next day, but...


  • Ampersand of the Party
  • パーティーのアンパサンド
  • Uma Festa Do Sinal Tironiano!
  • Party no Ampersand

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