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Astarotte no Omocha! - Episode 3


Naoya brings his daughter, Asuha, from the Realm of Man now that he has been selected as a candidate for the harem and is living with Lotte in their estate. Lotte is surprised that Naoya has a daughter at his age and unleashes a barrage of insults against him without realizing exactly what she's saying. Asuha, on the other hand, doesn't seem exactly pleased that her dad had a lot of bad things said about him. Naoya tells Asuha that, instead, he wishes for her to become friends with Lotte. The very next day, Asuha tries to look for Lotte in order to make amends, but she has already gone to school. Asuha says she wants to go to school too.


  • Parentheses of Passing By
  • すれ違いのパーレン
  • Um Parêntese Quase Ausente!
  • Surechigai no Paren

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