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Astarotte no Omocha! - Episode 2


Judit brought back a young man named Touhara Naoya from the Realm of Man. Lotte, who gave the original task of bringing a human male to their realm, decides to ask Naoya to attend to her that night. But Naoya spills a pitcher of milk as soon as he opens the door to Lotte's room. Naoya finds himself in quite the situation, as Lotte tells him to find new milk, and Naoya is unable to find milk that tastes similar to the one he spilled. It turns out that this was all Lotte's plan to make Naoya take the blame for what happened.


  • The First Semicolon
  • 初めてのセミコロン
  • O Primeiro Ponto E Vírgula!
  • Hajimete no Semicolon

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