Saber Marionette J


Due to overpopulation on Earth, massive efforts were made to establish off-world colonies.

"300 years ago, the interstellar colonization transport, The Mesopotamia, had an accident, setting mankind down on the surface of Terra II. The only survivors were six males. In the 43rd year of Terra II history Ieyasu Tokugawa The First established the country of Japoness." — Japoness Pioneer Museum

Due to a twist of events, the hard-working Otaru visits the run-down Japoness Pioneer Museum, where, remembering his childhood, he sees the painting of a woman, titled: "In the memory of the human female." Suddenly a trap door opens under him, dropping him into a room with a hibernation capsule containing a beautiful female android, a so-called Marionette. Lime, as she calls herself, accepts Otaru as her master. But Otaru is quite intrigued by her emotional and energetic confession of love, which is very unusual for a completely emotionless Marionette. As it turns out she is actually a super-powered combat android, a Sabre Marionette, equipped with the very rare maiden circuit that gives her human emotions.

And so Otaru's relatively tranquil days become very much more emotional and lively thanks to Lime... especially since other parties already have become aware of Lime's special nature.

Episodes 25

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