Non Non Biyori Repeat


Spring. It is the beginning of Renge's first school year. To commemorate the occasion she receives a brand new red school bag from her grandmother. And to be sure everything goes smoothly Renge decides to visit the school on the day before the actual entrance ceremony, as a rehearsal.

On her way there she finds a legendary sword, that Natsumi immediately recognizes as such, though the other girls only see a stick. Renge uses it to mark the path she is travelling. Hikage, Renge's sister, needs to go packing and return to Tokyo though, but gives Renge her first bus fee, since starting in April she will have to pay the child fee when taking the bus to school. Not only Natsumi's older sister, Komari, boards the bus to school, but also Suguru the girls' quiet older brother. At school Renge finds out how the upcoming ceremony will unfold. After receiving her own commuter pass, from her sister Kazuho, who also happens to be the class teacher, Renge decides to go to school on her own, the next day. She receives a congratulatory flower from Komari that all first year students wear, partaking in the entrance ceremony.

And so Renge's exciting school life continues with the other classmates and the new transfer student Hotaru from Tokyo...

Episodes 12

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