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Minami-ke Okawari - Episode 4


During a routine garbage disposal trip, Haruka encounters a boy of Chiaki's age named Fuyuki who is warmly praised by his neighbors for his willingness to freely volunteer his assistance. It is during this encounter that Fuyuki's participation in the weekend neighborhood clean-up is mentioned. Kana's reluctance to take part prompts Haruka to force her and Chiaki to also participate. Later on, Kana summons a few of her classmates, as well as Chiaki's friends to lighten the workload. During the actual clean-up event, it becomes apparent that the work crew Kana assembled was so that Kana could watch while everybody else does all the work.


  • Is It Alright to Tidy Up?
  • 片付けちゃっていいですか?
  • Katazuke Chatte Ii Desuka?

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