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Minami-ke Okawari - Episode 11


Touma's secret is almost revealed to Fujioka when he sees her in a girls' uniform. Kana covers for her by making Fujioka believe that everyone must crossdress at her place and tries to force Fujioka to comply. Kana feigns a cold on Saturday to avoid doing the city cleanup; Chiaki stays to keep an eye on Kana and figures out she was faking. The next day, she truly catches a cold and tries to avoid being found out, all the while recruiting Uchida and Mako-chan for help. Kana decides to get along with Fujioka, and seeks Chiaki's advice on how to do it; she tells her to do a certain move if things go bad. At school Kana asks Fujioka why he calls Chiaki and Haruka by their first names, and tells him to call her Kana-chan. Slightly shocked, Fujioka says he's too shy. Thinking that she has angered him, she uses the move Chiaki told her, and tries to do a german suplex, but she can't even move him. Instead it looks like she is hugging him, which Fujioka likes.


  • It became bad as expected
  • さすがにヤバくなってきました
  • Sasuga ni Yabakunatte Kimashita

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