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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 - Episode 16


The emperor is missing, and Zero takes the chance to ratify the United Federation of Nations. With the 47 nations involved, they will have enough backing to declare war on the Britannian Empire, finally freeing their countries. But nothing is ever so easy…


  • United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One
  • 超合集国決議第壱號
  • Première résolution de la Fédération des Nations Unies
  • La prima risoluzione dell’Alleanza degli Stati Uniti
  • Jungtinių Tautų Federacijos Rezoliucija Nr.1
  • A 1ª Decisão Da União Federativa Das Nações!
  • Chougoushuukoku Ketsugi Daiichigou

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