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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 - Episode 1


It’s a year after the battle between the Black Knights and the Britannian army. Zero is dead, and only a handful of Black Knights remain. But Lelouch is alive with no memory of the last year. Is it a trick or all part of a greater plan?


  • The Day a Demon Awakens
  • 魔神 が 目覚める 日
  • Le Jour de l`Eveil du Démon
  • Il giorno in cui si risvegliò il demonio
  • Diena, Kai Demonas Prabudo
  • O dia em que o demônio acordou
  • Şeytanın Uyandığı Gün
  • Majin ga Mezameru Hi

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