During an age when public entertainment was outlawed, an idol group holds guerilla concerts without any concern for their own safety.

In the beginning of the 21st century, a world war broke out. In its aftermath the Earth's ecosystem was irrecoverably affected, and there was no choice but to escape the now devastated Earth to live in space. A new era began with the Star Calendar 0000. Shortly afterwards entertainment was prohibited by law and the sacred place for otaku, Akihabara, became the public entertainment's final line of defence and the only place to perform.

In Star Calendar 0048 once more a group was formed in the hope to resume the legacy of the legendary idol act AKB48, which continued to shine even during the Earth's downfall. With the law in place they were deemed as an illegal act and unable to hold official live events. This is when the group's concept changed. Instead of the idols you can meet they became the idols who come to meet you. Branded as terrorists by the authorities they did not give up and decided to take up arms to protect the stage they stand on, for their fans.

The name of these girls who succeeded the famous name and fight for the freedom of entertainment is... AKB0048.

Episodes 13

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