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Kaizoku Oujo - Episode 4


As the Bonito II sails to the German village of Libar-Oberstein, Fena tries to get her protectors to teach her how to fight, but with little success. Upon arriving in the village, they meet a woman named Aria, who takes them to see her father. In exchange for Yukimaru sharpening his knife, the man offers to help them find the origin of the stone. The man tells them that the stone actually came to the village from somewhere in France, but the buyer was listed as La Pucelle d`Orléans, the nickname given to Joan of Arc. However, the listed date of purchase was in 1436, five years after she was burned at the stake, adding to the mystery of the stone. As Fena`s crew leave the village, Fena recalls someone mentioning the name "La Pucelle" to her as young child. Meanwhile, Abel grimaces over a painting he calls La Pucelle as he continues pursuing Fena.


  • 石の謎
  • The Mystery of the Stone
  • Le mystère de la pierre
  • Ishi no Nazo

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