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Amaama to Inazuma - Episode 11


It's the week of the play, and Tsumugi wants to be Mr. Galigali, the fluffy mascot of her favorite TV show. But trouble breaks out when her friends want her to be a magical girl. When daddy tries to cheer her up with talk of delicious sweet potato crepes, she snaps! "Daddy! All you ever talk about is food!" Can dad show that he really loves her? Will Kotori get to eat her sweet potato crepes? And will Mr. Galigali be able to help save the world in the school play?


  • A Play and Sweet Potato Crepes
  • おゆうぎ会とさつまいもクレープ
  • Fête de l`amitié, patates douces et crêpes
  • Oyuugikai to Satsumaimo Crepe

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