Hanamaru Youchien


Anzu goes to a preschool with her friends, the shy-crybaby Koume and the eccentric-genius-prodigy Hiiragi.

Together they try to get the attention of their caretaker, Tsuchida Naozumi. However, he is clearly more interested in Yamamoto Nanako, who supervises the class next door. Tsuchida has just started working at the Hanamaru Kindergarten, and, as the first and only male teacher at the school, he is particularly nervous.

His first day does not go quite as smoothly as planned when he turns up late and is greeted by Anzu, who claims that he was putting some smooth moves on her earlier! Though managing to initially clear up the misunderstanding, Anzu proceeds with her claims of destined, never ending love and that she will one day be his bride.

Additionally, Anzu's mother, who also happens to be Tsuchida's high school senior, is openly supporting them all the way.

Now as Tsuchida attempts to become the best teacher he can be, he must also try and quell the rumours created by Anzu, and try his luck at the beautiful and kind... yet ultimately clueless... Yamamoto-sensei.

Episodes 12

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