Macross Dynamite 7


In 2047 A.D. (one year after the confrontation with Protodeviln) we join Basara, who has left the rock band "Fire Bomber".
After having roamed around the Galaxy, Basara reaches a peripheral planet "Zora".
Planet Zora is a unique planet in the Galaxy, where galaxy whales are swimming about. Galaxy whales can be used as a power source to make a space ship fly at super high speed.

Basara gets involved in the fight between poachers of galaxy whales, which can be sold at high prices on the black market, and anti-poacher patrols (Liza). Wounded in the fight, Basara is saved by a girl named Elma. He comes under the care of Elma and his father, Graham, a whale fisherman.

Episodes 4

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