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Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! - Episode s1


Included in the BD/DVD Vol. 3.

"You Never Let Us Down"
Everyone's going camping! Hinata, Noa-chan, and Hana-chan can't control their excitement, but Miyako just can't seem to get into the spirit of things...

"Always Growing Closer"
In their first year of high school, Matsumoto Koko saw Hoshino Miyako silently concentrating on her sewing project and felt a profound shock course through her...

"Let's Change into This, Shall We?"
Hinata and the others are doing Halloween! Miyako wonders what costume Hana-chan might be wearing when she comes, and when she finally arrives...

"I'm Your Big Sister"
Even before her new little sister was born, Miyako couldn't wait to meet her. Then when she was, and Miyako got to meet her for the first time...


  • You Never Let Us Down / Always Growing Closer / Let`s Change You into This! / I`m Your Big Sister
  • 期待を裏切らないね / 常に寄り添い / これに着替えましょう! / 私がお姉ちゃんだよ
  • Tu ne nous décevras jamais / Toujours plus proche de toi / Mets donc ce costume / Je suis ta grande sœur
  • Kitai o Uragiranai ne / Tsune Ni Yorisoi / Kore ni Kigaemashou! / Watashi ga Onee-chan Da yo

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