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Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! - Episode 12


Saurva was busy again experimenting, this time she invents a potion that turns you into a dog, body and soul.
However, she accidentally drinks it herself and turns into a cute black Shiba dog.
In this form, she runs into the Landlord.
While Saurva thought that she`s a scary punk, the Landlord is actually quite kind to animals and Saurva gets away safely.
On the other hand, Jahy-sama discovers a humongous chunk of the mana crystal on the street.
However, thinking that it could be one of the Magical Girl`s traps, she agonizes.


  • こころちゃんは裏切らない?
  • Kokoro-chan Will Not Betray?
  • Kokoro-chan wa Uragiranai?

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