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100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru (2021) - Episode 7


After completing the fifth quest, Yotsuya is back in his hometown when a woman named Glenda pays him a visit. She knows about the other world he`s been to, and she claims to know at least three other people who have been there. Glenda hopes to get in touch with these parallel world explorers, but she`s had no luck contacting them through social media. So she decides to produce a video of Yotsuya and his fellow party members that only people who have been to the other world would understand.


  • 短編映画と六番目の勇者
  • A Short Film and the Sixth Hero
  • Court métrage et le sixième héros
  • Tanpe`eiga to Rokubanme no Yuusha

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