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100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru (2021) - Episode 1


The boy Yotsuya saved in the Chinese restaurant, Torii Keita, turns out to be the fifth player. They`re sent to the alternate world again, and after receiving the fifth quest, they head for Cortonel to track down some leads. There they find Kahvel, who is now a mother. The party is shocked to learn that 15 years have passed since their fourth quest, but that isn`t the only thing that`s changed in this world.


  • そうだ ジフォン, 行こう
  • I Know, Let`s Go to Jiffon
  • Mais oui ! Allons à Jyphonn
  • Sou Da Jifon, Ikou

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