Comic Party Revolution


Sendou Kazuki failed the entrance exam for the art college he was applying to. His childhood friend, Kuhonbutsu Taishi tricks Kazuki into entering the doujin (private publishing) world. The friendly community there sports several quite attractive females, who are very dedicated to creating and publishing doujinshi (fanzines), inspiring Kazuki to create his own manga-based art.

Kazuki, produces doujinshi on a regular basis now, visiting the various comic conventions. Alas, even though his art is special, and very much appreciated by a few (usually female) fans, the sales are still quite low. Luckily the fun is in the making, and in helping friends who share the same enthusiasm and interests.

The rest of the female cast presents the other aspects of the doujin community: Singing idol — Asahi, convention organisation — Minami, printing business — Chisa, artistic uniqueness vs. marketability — Aya, success vs. cram school — Eimi, and a cosplay fight — Mizuki. These are only some of the stories in and around the comic conventions.

Episodes 13

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