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Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan - Episode s1


A pear-shaped capsule containing a rejected MOMO (acronym of Military convert Ops Mechanical Operative) android of the Kasuga Institute named MOMO9000 (played by Aiko) is lost in a road accident that caused it to fall into the river. It is later found by an old couple who mistake MOMO9000 as Momotarō. After reading the story of Momotaro, MOMO9000 heads out to Onigashima to slay some Oni while gaining allies in a dog (played by Liru), a monkey (played by Uma), and a pheasant (played by Pachira).


  • The Spell of Skewed Legend Is Momotarou
  • 脱説の呪文は桃太郎
  • O feitiço especial é Momotaro
  • Dassetsu no Jumon wa Momotarou

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