Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!


The 19-year-old Segawa Yuuta just started his life as college freshman in the School of Literature Department at Tama University.

While growing up, having lost his parents, he was raised by his older sister Yuri, until she married Takanashi Shingo who has two daughters, Sora and Miu, from previous marriages. It is then that Yuuta decides to leave, to live by himself, trying not to get in the way of his sister's new family.

About three years later his sister asks Yuuta to visit and babysit the girls, while Yuri and Shingo go on a quick trip abroad, that ends in tragedy: the girls' parents go missing, and are presumed dead.

Thankful for raising him, Yuuta decides he owes it to his sister to take on the guardianship for her daughters, who do not really have anyone else to turn to. And so the quite reliable Yuuta ends up living with and having to care for the 14-year-old tsundere Sora, the 10-year-old little demon Miu and Yuri's own 3-year-old daughter Hina, in a six tatami mat sized room.

Episodes 13

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