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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e 2nd Season - Episode 2


With Day 1 of the "thinking" test over, Ayanokoji is talking to Hirata and the others about a way to break out of the stalemate when he receives a message on his phone from an irritated Horikita. Meanwhile, noticing something strange about Karuizawa`s behavior, he seeks information from Horikita, but...


  • あらゆる罪の源たる, ふたつの大罪がある. 焦りと怠惰だ.
  • There Are Two Main Human Sins from Which All the Others Derive: Impatience and Indolence.
  • Es gibt zwei menschliche Hauptsünden, aus denen sich alle anderen ableiten: Ungeduld und Lässigkeit
  • Il y a pour les hommes deux péchés capitaux, d’où découlent tous les autres : impatience et paresse.
  • Arayuru Tsumi no Minamoto Taru, Futatsu no Taizai ga Aru. Aseri to Taida Da.

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