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Platinum End - Episode 1


Having lost the will to live, Mirai Kakehashi decides to kill himself on the day of his middle school graduation. However, Nasse the angel suddenly appears and saves his life. Furthermore, Nasse grants him Wings and Arrows to inspire hope in him. Mirai initially rejects Nasse`s offer, but after acquiring the Wings, he slowly begins to regain his lost hope. However, Nasse reveals some shocking information to him... In order to verify the truth, Mirai confronts his aunt who is raising him.
The following program contains adult themes and scenes of violence and suicide that may not be suitable for some viewers and is inappropriate for children. The content is intended for mature audiences only. If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, please contact a local helpline.


  • 天使の贈り物
  • Gift from an Angel
  • Le cadeau de l’ange
  • Tenshi no Okurimono

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