Shin Shirayukihime Densetsu Pretear


On her way to school, Himeno meets a little boy who asks her to take his hand. When she does, she faints and later wakes up staring up at a dark-haired bishounen!

The bishounen who helps revive her turns out to be Hayate, one of the Seven Knights of the Earth. They were looking for Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear — the legendary magical girl that can help them save the Earth from ruin and destruction. Hayate, the more temperamental of the seven, believes that Himeno is the girl they are looking for.

And Himeno has other things to contend with: life at home together with her father, Kaoru, could be wonderful, since they are very close. If not for Natsue, Kaoru's new wife, who is jealous of their relation. And also Natsue's two spoilt daughters, Mawata and Mayune, who certainly do not make Himeno's life any easier. However her father, is so enamoured with his new wife, and the life he is living, that he assumes Himeno is happy too...

Episodes 13

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