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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 9


This episode features even more female guest characters hot on the heels of Maria and Ellie and by the way even though we jumble the order now and then we mostly follow the source material but because the Medusa and Dryad episode would let us get a few more rare female characters on-screen we originally had the idea to put them in episode 2 or 3 to get people more invested except putting them in episode 2 or 3 really would be a little too extravagant and kind of mess up the flow so we decided against it and that`s a fun little behind the scenes anecdote but anyway now it`s finally time to reveal them and that`s the deal with episode 9.


  • This Episode Features Even More Female Guest Characters Hot on the Heels...
  • Après Maria et Ellie, il y aura de nouveaux personnages féminins dans cet épisode, et bien que nous intervertissions un peu l’ordre des éléments, nous suivons en grande partie le déroulement du manga, sauf en ce qui concerne la méduse et la dryade, car no...

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