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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 8


Thanks to Altargaia (reminder: this is the mushroom`s name) Alvin gets out of the cell safe and sound but now that Carla and Maria are unexpectedly getting along they continue leading him around by the nose and it happens that Maria has a sweet little sister named Ellie and while avoiding spoilers regarding what trouble Ellie`s gotten into it does concern Maria`s status as a necromancer but I hope you won`t get your hopes up for another cute female character to appear but in exchange Carla will attempt an unusual cosplay so that`s the part you can look forward to and that`s the deal with episode 8.


  • Thanks to Altargaia (Reminder: This is the Mushroom`s Name)...
  • Grâce à Altargaia (c’est le nom du champignon, ne l’oubliez pas), Alvin est sorti de prison, mais Maria et Carla, devenues d’excellentes amies, continuent à le mener en bateau, et si vous voulez plus de détails, Maria a une petite sœur qu’elle adore, du n...

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