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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 7


This show is fairly unique in that Carla is the only recurring female character although in episode 5 we did get the witch and then the thief character but the witch only gets a few seconds at the end in her young form and the thief girl doesn`t get any more screen time after this so I suspect the folks at home are wondering if we`re ever going to see any new female characters and so partly for you people this episode features a female character called Maria Deathflame but to set up for that we have to do a zombie story so I hope you`ll enjoy that first and of course Maria has her own idiosyncrasies so you`ll just have to wait to see if it meets your expectations and that`s the deal with episode 7.


  • This Show Is Fairly Unique in That Carla Is the Only Recurring Female Character...
  • Jusqu’à l’épisode 5, cette série pouvait sembler unique du fait qu’il n’y ait pas de personnage féminin en dehors de Carla, puis nous avons eu la sorcière et ensuite la voleuse, mais la sorcière rajeunie n’est apparue que quelques secondes et la voleuse n...

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