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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 6


As usual, Alvin and Carla have to overcome a series of crises on their travels like being attacked by a thief and running into a golem until a certain series of events leads Alvin to take massive damage and it`s so extreme that he even has to take off his armor to recuperate and that becomes an opportunity for them to get in a fight and reevaluate their relationship a little and even though their fights are an important part of the show the times being what they are during cast auditions and ADR and such only so many people were allowed in the recording studio at once which is pretty tough to work around but everyone gave it their all to make the best show they could and that`s the deal with episode 6.


  • As Usual, Alvin and Carla Have to Overcome a Series of Crises...
  • Attaqués par des bandits, puis par un golem, les périls s’enchaînent pour Alvin et Carla, et alors qu’Alvin se fait grièvement blesser, vous pouvez penser que ça commence à être redondant, mais il va devoir retirer son armure et se laisser soigner, causan...

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