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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 5


The owner of the inn they visit seems very nice, but Carla accidentally forces him to reveal a surprising true form and then an old lady they happen to meet on the road also reveals an unexpected side and this confirms once again that there are monsters in this world that disguise themselves as humans but by the way the name of the inn is "Stay! Burin" and some of you might not know where that name comes from but it`s from a pretty famous show so if you know it you`re definitely wallowing in nostalgia right now and that`s the deal with episode 5."


  • The Owner of the Inn They Visit Seems Very Nice, but...
  • Alvin et Carla trouvent une auberge, mais à cause de Carla, l’adorable aubergiste révèle son secret, et une vieille dame de passage n’est pas ce qu’elle paraît, prouvant que dans ce monde, de nombreux monstres et démons sont capables de prendre une appare...

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