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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 4


The first dungeon Alvin tackles with Carla is designed for beginners which is very nice and so even Alvin seems to be flying through it but of course as a veteran rookie he isn`t without his struggles and he once again reveals his aptitude(?) for falling into holes and even causes their mushroom monster companion to worry and come to think of it the mushroom guy who showed up last episode has a name (it`s Altargaia) and there aren`t many chances to call him that but we would like you to remember it and by the way if you`re having trouble reading these titles to the end we just wanted to remind you that you can pause the video or maybe check the show`s homepage and that`s the deal with episode 4.


  • The First Dungeon Alvin Tackles with Carla Is Designed For...
  • Alvin et Carla entrent dans leur premier donjon, une zone facile pour débutants, que même Alvin devrait pouvoir passer, mais il est le vétéran rookie, rien n’est facile pour lui et il se découvre une spécialité (?), celle de tomber dans tous les pièges, a...

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