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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 3


During his travels with Carla the healer for two episodes Alvin tries to keep up his job as a monster-hunting adventurer which I guess shows some pretty impressive resolve except when he runs into a mushroom monster he challenges to a fight and it turns out to be tougher than expected and by the way this won`t get mentioned in the series proper but its species is called matango and you might think it has an adult male voice but also given how it was drawn in the manga a childish voice might work too, and it`s just one big surprise after another, but the truth is we actually wrote this title in early 2021 before we cast the voice actor, so I`m actually looking forward to who`s voicing it but anyway there`s more going on than the question of whether Alvin can beat the mushroom and that`s the deal with episode 3.


  • Despite the Terrible Time He`s Been Having...
  • Malgré les dangers rencontrés dans les deux premiers épisodes, Alvin tente de reprendre la chasse aux monstres...

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