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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 2


Alvin resumes his original quest to gather antidote herbs, but on the way he ends up getting attacked in a graveyard by ghosts which they manage to escape unexpectedly, but then he falls into a trap set by goblins and basically the first half of the episode is filled with great suffering but Carla`s curse is still in effect so he can`t get away from her and there`s even more suffering in store nevertheless and anyway these titles are really long and kind of serve double-duty as next episode previews and we`re pretty curious about how many people actually listen to the whole thing and that`s the deal with episode 2


  • Forced to Travel with Carla, a Healer...
  • Alvin, forcé de voyager avec Carla, la guérisseuse, souhaite reprendre sa quête d’herbes antipoison, mais doit combattre des fantômes, et alors qu’il pensait s’en être sorti, il tombe dans un nid de gobelins et en voit de toutes les couleurs dans la premi...

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