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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 12


We`ve reached the final episode at last and the entire staff including those on the manga side would like to thank you all for watching but because the manga doesn`t yet contain a story that could be used for a final episode this is basically going to be a totally original story although we made sure to get the dwarf character designs and lines and ideas from the creator Hakko-sensei so we were able to make it feel consistent but it`s also sad to reach the end at last and while we`d really like to spend more time with Carla and Alvin and the others please remember that their adventures will continue in the manga so continue to support them there but anyway thank you so much for watching and once more from the bottom of our hearts we`d like to say thank you so much and that`s the deal with episode 12 (final episode).


  • We`ve Reached the Final Episode at Last...
  • Ça y est, c’est le dernier épisode, l’équipe du manga se joint à nous pour vous remercier d’avoir regardé jusqu’au bout, manga qui, de son côté, n’est d’ailleurs pas terminé, donc la fin de l’anime est entièrement originale, mais l’auteur Tannen Ni Hakkô...

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