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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 10


In the second half of this episode, we enter the "What Story Is This?" arc (though actually it`s just the next two episodes) so let me explain once again for people not in the know that "What Story Is This?" is the webcomic version of the story that would eventually be published as "Don`t Hurt Me, My Healer," so this arc isn`t included in the printed comic but you should still be able to read it so go ahead and do that if you like but at the same time there`s also a thankless role in the first half so I`ll ask you to keep an eye on that because it`s going to be clear it`s an important event if you keep watching and that`s the deal with episode 10.


  • In the Second Half of This Episode, We Enter the "What Story Is This?" Arc...
  • À partir de la deuxième moitié de l’épisode (et pour les deux suivants), on entre à nouveau en plein dans "Mais de quoi ça parle ?", et pour expliquer à ceux qui l’ignorent, "Mais de quoi ça parle ?" était le titre de "Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer...

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